Talking Casino Software – Playtech vs Microgaming

When we’re talking about gambling games software providers, playtech is certainly going to jump to mind, established back in 2000, this software developer has quickly established themselves as one of the industry’s leaders during the past years.

Even though they came up 4 years late compared to their main competitor Microgaming, they both succeeded in providing huge number of different gambling games, and comparison between the two could be extremely hard and technical as both developers are highly successful and dominating in the industry.

Online Gambling platforms in the focus

One of the most important aspects when it comes to online gambling platforms is without doubt functionality; a buggy game can completely turn any gamer off the platform.

Many of playtech casinos offer their players different bonuses and offers, such as free casino trial and real money casino gaming options, which allows the players to try out some free online casino games before joining in. in addition to that playtech provides new feature called auto play, which allows the player to take a break in mid game while the computer continues the game for you.

Let’s face it, players come to these online casino for entertainment as well as making some money, both these aspects could be totally spoiled if the casino has very poor or shady banking options, which is sadly the case on some but not all playtech online casinos, as some players have faced extremely complicated and needlessly long terms and conditions to withdrawal their winnings.

Playtech provides their casinos with over 500 different variants of popular gambling games; each individual game has been developed to the highest standard of gaming graphics and sound effects.

All games are available in downloadable and flash versions and fully customizable as the players can pick and choose the gaming interface’s size speed and sound.

Table games and card games

The games include all favorite table games, cards, classic and new slots variants, video slots, video poker, arcade games, live dealer games that comes accompanied with live webcam option that gives the player’s a more realistic experience.

Now to just come out and say that playtech is the best online gambling software provider in the market today is a very bold and probably untrue statement, as the comparison between them and other providers such as Microgaming is proven to be extremely difficult and technical, and quite frankly it highly depends on the perspective, as different players value different aspects of the online gambling experience.

But by just looking at the previous points we can say that they’re probably not the best, as Microgaming is currently better in terms of number of games they have developed.

Also their banking process isn’t as much of a pain as playtech’s, as some players can even testify to a quick and top notch withdrawals and deposits.

But of all software providers currently in the market, the only certain thing about playtech is their clear policy of getting involved in every different aspect related to online gambling and casinos, ranging from poker and online slots all the way to land based casino operations.

The various involvement is probably way they’re so huge and successful today, as they remain in the absolute top software providers in the industry, but probably not the only best.