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Which Casinos do accept Instadebit as a payment processor?

If you take a quick tour through the banking method available in many different online casinos, you’ll most likely notice the instadebit method for online casinos in many of them, this banking option has been immensely growing in popularity in recent years, as it has presented Canadian based players with an alternative option to other famous methods such as PAYPAL or Neteller.

As you can guess this method is only available to Canadian players.
There’s no secret behind the recent popularity of this banking option other than the easy use and fast online processing of your deposits and withdrawals.

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It has provided players with an extremely convenient and fast option to finally get their hands on their hard earned winnings.

Making deposit using INSTADEBIT, and how it works

As the case with all popular online banking methods, Instadebit stands as a reliable intermediary between your account and the casino, all you need to do is of course start off with registering an instadebit account, when choosing the banking method in the casino pick instadebit and log in same as you would in any type of e-banking account, carefully enter the sum you wish to deposit, and voila!

Yes it’s done. This is by far the fastest way to make your deposits as the whole process takes only several minutes, and allows you to start gaming as fast as possible.
In addition to that it’s also the safest as neither Instadebit nor the casino has access to your financial information through this process.

If you’re wondering about funding your instadebit account, it’s as you can guess the same as any other e-banking method out there, all you need to do is make transfer via your bank account, or credit card towards your instadebit e-wallet.

Withdrawals using Instadebit:

As mentioned before, instadebit acts as the middle man between your bank account and the casino cashier, this allows it to make transactions in both ways that means you can use it to make deposits as well as withdrawals.

Your payout is transferred to your e-account which is accessible through your normal bank account and you can have anytime you desire.

Although the casino won’t charge you any fees for using this method, instadebit charges you a small fee around 2.00 CAD for adding or transferring funds from your accounts.

Pros and cons of Instadebit

Most of e-wallet transaction methods charge you a small fee, no matter how small it is you should always keep an eye on additional expenses that might come with the usage of the method, however the exact opposite is what might attract players to instadebit, as this e-bank have steady clear fees with no additional expenses.

The total anonymity of the player’s private informations and financial coordinate is a huge plus and a great security measure.
No cards involved, as the transfers are usually carried out from an account directly towards another.

Quick fast and secure transfers, with the ability to keep record of all your transfers, both deposits and withdrawals, which has proven very useful to some players.
The only weak point we can think for this method, is certainly it’s restricted use, as it is available only for Canadian players.